Non-searchable Primary Key Field Breaks Pre-filtering

I recently implemented a custom FetchXml based SSRS report that was designed to be run against a filtered list of accounts. The accounts were to be determined by the user at the time of execution, hence the report was setup to use pre-filtering on the accounts entity.

The report worked fine except in one environment where the user was greeted with the following warning message:

Filtering error

Dismissing the warning opened up the Report Filtering Criteria dialog with the following error:

There was an error in showing this condition

And additional information:

The condition was referencing the field accountid. The field has been removed from the system or is not valid for advanced find.

Report filtering criteria

A quick bit of investigating revealed that this particular environment had the Searchable property of the primary key, within the account entity, set to No. This meant that the Account attribute would not appear on any advanced find dialogs, there by affecting the Reporting Filtering Criteria dialog. Re-enabling this got the report working as expected.


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